Feb 6, 2024
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The Survey Funnel

This is the survey funnel.

Use this funnel to segment traffic in order to make a specific offer to new prospects based off of what they are interested in about your product or service.

Many people have more than one way to pitch their products or services, so this is a great way to narrow down your messaging and create more conversions based off of relevant information.

It has 4 parts.

Part 1

In part 1 you direct your traffic from social media or other engaged sources to your survey page where you have segments created for three different answers to your simple question.

Part 2

Once they respond, you give them part 2: a video sales page for each segment with the valuable pieces of information they need to understand why your product is right for them. From here you also email each segment and deliver more value, information and special offers to get them to convert at part 3: your order forms.

Part 3

These include the special offers you had for each audience, with the necessary difference in sales copy on the pages.

Part 4

Once they buy its part 4: your thank you page, tagging for future marketing and order confirmation email sequence.

That is the basics of the survey funnel. To start segmenting and converting your audience, simply download this template into your marketplan account today.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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