Feb 6, 2024
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Chat Canvas App

The Chat Sequence Canvas App inside of MarketPlan allows you to visualize and create as well as measure and optimize effective chat-flows for your bots or sales and support team to build sequences that convert your prospects throughout the customer journey.

4 Key Components

Now there are 4 key components that go into the process of creating and managing effective, high converting chat sequences:

1. It is firstly to strategize and create a logical flow for your prospects,

2. Once you have that logical flow, then write targeted copy,

3. Next is to create and manage your links,

4. And, lastly, to measure the effectiveness of your messages to optimize and scale the sequence.

Normally, this process becomes unorganized and chaotic with each of your sequences not being easy to review in most chat-bot apps and also with keeping chat-flows and links for your or your clients' sales and support teams easily accessible when converting prospects.

But, with MarketPlan's Chat Sequence App, this process is made simple by bringing all of your messages and flows in one easy-to-understand place, to see how your messaging relates to the bigger marketing strategy

Let's go into MarketPlan and see how this works.

Getting Started

Sowith this mockup we have an e-commerce campaign where we have two points of chatbot interfacing with our prospects.

In the beginning of the flow on the Facebook side of things we have a Facebook chat bot hooked up and on the storefront itself we have an integrated sales widget where our support and sales team is accessible via both of these chat messengers.

Let's go into this chat sequence to see a built out flow.

When you're inside the Chat Sequence Canvas App you'll see at the top the title that's represented in the canvas and also your purpose behind this sequence.

Down below you map out the flow of the campaign similar to how you would for the email canvas app with the full MarketPlan text editor for each message.

Here at the right you have the task area to properly delegate and collaborate with your team or your clients on each of the components involved in the chat sequence.

Let's go ahead and build a chat sequence from the bottom by using the Facebook chat bot that we have planned out over here.

Let's start off by entering the purpose of this particular chatbot sequence and that's to direct traffic to our store and offer customer support.

And now let's go through the first component of creating and managing chat sequences which is to strategize and create a logical flow for your prospects.

Create A Logical Chat Flow

The chat sequence canvas app gives you the ability to plan this out using various messages, conditions, and action tags that you can simply click and drag down.

Now the start of the sequence is when a Facebook page visitor clicks on the get started button at the top of the page and we can indicate that here.

From there on Facebook they're presented with a short message and a menu, and that's what we'll use this first message block for.

And in that menu we're going to be directing prospects either directly to the store or to contact us, so to link prospects to the store let's add another condition for "if clicked: view current sales" and we'll use an action indicator to follow after that to notate that we would be linking them to the clearance page of the store, and now I'll build out the rest of the flow

And with all this plotted out the chat sequence canvas app gives you the ability to visually represent the flow of your chat sequence campaigns so that everyone can easily understand what exactly is going on across all your various tools.

So to avoid your team or your clients having to log in multiple platforms to explain the strategy you can simply direct everyone's attention to MarketPlan to get a quick understanding with our task area at the right.

Let's go ahead and go through the first one which is to get our copy created which brings us to the second component of producing chat sequences which is to write targeted copy.

Write Targeted Copy

So let's click on the edit button and get inside of the text editor.

When writing a message it's important to state the goal of the message so whoever's producing the copy can stay targeted and focused in their language.

Now the goal of the main menu would be to welcome our prospects and to direct them to the sales team or to the store.

Now let's go ahead and write out what we'd want the initial welcome message to say.

Now with the copy created the notes made for the remainder of the team for where all the links need to go, we can go ahead and click on "Save" which brings us to the third component which is to create and manage our links.

Create & Manage Links

For our messages the chat sequence canvas app gives a very easy way to organize all of your links.

By simply clicking on the links button you're able to access the link menu where we can go ahead and generate the UTM links for each of the different menu options that link to our site.

For more detailed breakdown of the links area we have a dedicated video inside of this playlist.

You can create as many links needed for each message.

By clicking "Copy Link" your team has full access to each of these UTM's to ensure you have everything that you need to track the performance of your messages.

With the copy and links created we have what we need to get started launching the sequence.

When you finally have your messages running live on your page or within your support team you have the live toggle here to give a simple visual indicator of knowing which messages your prospects are actively seeing and which ones are still under production.

With everything launched let's go over the fourth component of managing chat sequences which is to measure and optimize each message in your sequences.

Measure & Optimize

With your links configured you'll be able to see which prospects came from your chat messages and see which chat messages lead to more conversions so that you can optimize your copy and marketing strategies.

All in all the MarketPlan Chat Sequence Canvas App allows for simplicity and productivity in producing effective chat campaign.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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