Feb 6, 2024
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Custom Media Tool

The Custom Media Canvas Tool in MarketPlan is a unique tool that allows you to load external web-pages, tools, and content directly inside of the canvas so your team can not only view that content, but assign tasks and leverage MarketPlan's team collaboration features.

This gives you flexibility in your workflows to dial in productivity with your team as well as be able to provide a premium planning experience for your clients.

To get started with the Custom Media Canvas Tool, simply edit your label that appears on the canvas for this element and enter in the URL of the external content you want to load up inside of MarketPlan.

A few use cases for this are incorporating spreadsheets or documents in your campaign with google services, linking file storage services such as Drive, Dropbox, Rethink, or S3 for your team or clients to be able to access necessary files for your campaign, video links for your team to edit and review media under production or even to post a video for your clients to watch to present their marketing plan.

With the notes area in the corner, you also are given a full text editor that lets you quickly save important notes about your campaign, store copy or content used in your marketing such as video scripts, SOP's for your team and so much more.

Use the Icon and Color Picker to customize the element as it appears on the canvas for even further fine-tuning of your end-plan experience for your clients and for your team.

Lastly, with your team or clients, collaborate on the components you add with this tool by adding and assigning tasks as well as commenting on what is needed for you manage and execute on effective marketing plans with

Learn more on Youtube here.

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