Feb 6, 2024
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Plans Overview

So now that you know more about projects and groups, let's talk about the actual plans.

As we mentioned earlier, plans are created inside of groups and they're listed from most recent, to least recent. You can reorder the plans as you please by just dragging and dropping them exactly where you'd like them to be and you can even drag it from group to group.

I can even move plans into different projects by just clicking and dragging it to the left until the projects area opens up, and then I will drop it into the desired project.

Create a Plan

To create a new plan, just click on the new plan button right here, and create a new plan. You can set whether you would like the thumbnail of your plan to use the project setting, to be auto-generated based upon your map, or you can make a custom thumbnail.

Custom Thumbnails

The custom thumbnail is great for those who are wanting to impress their clients and set vision for their team.

I'm going to go ahead and upload a custom thumbnail for just this plan.

Plan Settings

I have a few other options that I can have applied to just this plan alone. The currency, the inverted icons, the plan stats, or the done percentage.

This is very useful for agencies that are in different phases with their clients. For instance, if you're not going to be collaborating just yet on a plan that you're making, you can set, done percentage to off. Or if you haven't launched your funnel yet, you can set the plan stats off. Let's go ahead and create this plan to see how it looks.

Now my plan looks beautiful and has all the customization I need for my clients and team.

Plan Area Navigation

After you've populated all of your projects with plans. It might be hard to find one of them. As long as you're inside the plans tab, you can just hit the search bar here above and begin to live search your project.

With plan management in, you have everything you need to take full control, standout, excite your customers and get your team on board with every plan you create.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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