Feb 6, 2024
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Exporting and Reporting

MarketPlan allows you to create in-depth campaign and funnel maps that are contextual and congruent across all of your marketing channels. But a solid plan is only good if it can be widely implemented and understood by everyone involved whether it be team members, bosses, clients, different departments in a company, etc.

Not every case calls for someone to be in the MarketPlan app to understand your marketing plan. This is where exporting and reporting comes in. Create PDF's, PNG's, and sharable versions of your MarketPlan for use in presentation slides, as an easy to understand email, a simple map for a client to reference, and more.

That way everyone involved in making your big ideas come to life can always understand where you are in the plan.

Let's go over the basics of plan exporting and reporting so you can keep everyone on the same page.


Here in the top menu dropdown you will find a tab that says templates/export/sharing. When you click "Export Image" or "Export PDF", simply confirm your choice once the template is generated and you will receive a copy of your MarketPlan to simply share or print as a PNG or PDF. Perfect for pitching to clients, or sending to a team member to reference at a glance.

View-Only Links

From this menu, you can also get a sharable link to your MarketPlan. By selecting Plan from the toggle slider, the link will display the projections data you entered into your plan when viewed. This is useful for giving accurate accounts of exactly what you plan to do down to the last lead and dollar.

Plan and Live Links

Conversely, when you select "Live" in the toggle selector, the link will display your campaign's live data to whoever views the link. You can see any time frame so get accurate tracked data from the entire life of your campaign: perfect for quickly keeping team members or clients updated on the status of a live campaign.

With all of these sharing and reporting options on top of all of the functionality of MarketPlan, creating profitable and easy-to-understand campaigns has never been easier.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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