Feb 6, 2024
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Email Canvas Apps

The Email and Email Sequence Canvas Apps in MarketPlan allow you to finally have one place to create, write, link, and optimize the most effective emails for your clients, leads, and prospects.

4 Key Components

Now, there are 4 key components that go into the process of crafting an effective email campaign:

1. It is firstly strategize and create a logical flow for your prospects,

2. Once you have that logical flow, then write targeted copy,

3. Next is to create and manage your links,

4. And, lastly, to measure the effectiveness of each email to optimize and scale the campaign.

Normally, this process looks like a jumbled mess to actually launch and manage an email sequence,

But with MarketPlan's Email Canvas Apps, we simplify this process and let your team or clients work on your sequences in one easy-to-understand place so that you can create successful email marketing campaigns.

Let's go inside of MarketPlan see and how this works.

Getting Started

So here we are with an e-commerce campaign where the storefront is gathering leads to subscribe boxes and we're taking those leads and offering them a 72-hour 30% off promo for a dedicated product.

Going down the funnel here you see that we have an email sequence canvas app and a single email canvas app involved within this plan.

The difference between the two is that the email sequence has multiple emails and a visual builder for you to plan out the flow of that campaign, as for the individual email canvas app just has one simple email pointing to wherever necessary inside of your canvas flow.

So let's start off with the email sequence canvas app and see how MarketPlan helps you build out email campaigns fast.

Plan Sequences

Firstly you have the visual builder over here that allows you to plan out your entire email sequence for you or your clients to be able to
quickly view exactly what's going on with the necessary condition and action triggers over here to be able to convey exactly what is going on inside of your autoresponder.

While MarketPlan may not be directly performing these actions in your autoresponder, it does give a very clear visual cue so that everyone is able to stay on the same page when collaborating within this campaign.

So in the sequence we haven't quite finished out the entire sequence yet and we're going to go through together finishing out the sequence so you can see all the features that are available within this canvas app.

Firstly when you start off with an email sequence canvas app and market plan you want to ensure that you title the sequence how you want it to be represented on the canvas and you also want to enter your purpose here at the top right of this email sequence so that whoever is collaborating on any of the components of this email sequence understands very quickly at a glance what the core focuses are of this campaign.

This one is to push sales for the limited time promo so that if anyone who is copywriting, producing graphics, or any other task inside of here they have that directly at a glance so that their mind is in the right frame when producing marketing assets.

Down below we have the ability to not only visually plot out the campaign but store the copy for each of these individual emails by clicking "Edit".

Over here we can see this first email with copy we already have saved inside of this.

Now let's go ahead and finish plotting out this whole campaign because this is a 72 hour promo.

I want to enter one more email over here for the last day of this sequence
so let's drag in a new email from the top and the title for this email is internal so I'm going to title it so that everyone knows what the theme of
this email is, and this is the urgency email.

Now I'm going to follow up this email with the necessary actions for the remainder of the sequence. If no one purchases this particular product within a day after this email sequence I want to go ahead and move them over to my content drip so I can continue to nurture the prospect down the line.

So let's go ahead and drag in an action and let's set the wait time for one day, and now I'm going to grab a condition and bring it below that and say "If No Purchase" I'm going to drag another action and say "Then Move to Content Drip".

And now with this we have a very clear visual map that even your clients will be able to see exactly what's going on with this email sequence so that not only is there marketing congruency in the asset production, but a very simple at a glance knowing exactly what's going on with the plan whenever you're making pitches or giving quick presentations.

If you look over here on the right we have the task area which allows our team to be able to collaborate on each of the marketing assets.

As you can see for our workflow, we simply made a task here at the bottom for each email that's inside of the sequence.

Here inside of email three we have subtasks for every single component involved within the email.

As we can see the copy is assigned to me over here so let's go ahead and work on this copy.

Write Copy

By clicking edit we're going to go ahead and go directly inside of the editor for this particular email and what we're brought to is a very clean white clear canvas for anyone who is copywriting to have a very clear frame of mind to be able to produce excellent high converting copy.

To get started let's go ahead and enter the subject of this particular email and then let's also put in the purpose here at the top right.

Likewise for the entire email sequence where we have the purpose there we're going to put in this particular purpose for this email so that the copywriter and anyone else working on components this email can stay very targeted in their messaging and asset production.

And here we have to drive conversion urgency so I know whenever I'm writing the copy of this email that I'm going to focus on driving that and I can minimize and consolidate my copy to produce an effective email.

Let's go ahead and write that copy together right now so that whoever is actually plugging up this email within our autoresponder is going to be able to see exactly what needs to be bolded and what is the headline.

Let's click save here at the top right and now we have this copy stored inside of MarketPlan for the future if we ever need to reference this copy again, giving a very clean and fast way for anyone to be able to quickly view and manage resources for all of your marketing assets.

Now we can go ahead to that subtask and check it off as complete.

Now for the next part of the email marketing process we want to ensure that we have our links ready to go.

Link Management

So clicking the links area here at the right we're going to be able to create UTM links that go inside of this email so that we can measure and track later on and have that information directly available from within MarketPlan for everyone to review and work with.

Now if we go ahead and go back up we can go to the very first email where we already have one link created.

When you click link right here we have the quick easy copy button for us to be able to copy this and bring it right into the autoresponder for whoever's launching the campaign.

You can create multiple links per email if you want to measure the performance of let's say a button that's at the top of the email versus at the bottom.

Also we have the live toggle over here which just a simple indicator of whether or not this email is actually live in the sequence.

This gives a clear distinction between what is still under production and what's actually ready to go giving your team or your clients further clarity and understanding what exactly is going on with the campaign.

Now let's go ahead and check out the single email that we have within this marketing plan here at the checkout page.

If anyone abandons the checkout, we have this abandoned email sending traffic right back into the checkout for conversions so with this we're not really doing a sequence but an individual email therefore we're using the individual email canvas app.

Here we can go ahead and title the email at the top and we can manage our links here at the right.

Right down here below is the same text editor that we have for the email sequence canvas app for you to store and collaborate on your copy.'

Likewise we also have the same task area that's available to you for your team to be able to delegate the necessary components of this email.

For the email app you can choose a custom icon and color for this particular module so that when you come back to the campus you can have a specific color and icon so that you can customize the look and feel of your plan so that it makes the most sense for you and or your clients.

Now let's go over the last component of email marketing which is to measure and optimize the performance of your emails that you created.

Measure & Optimize

With your links in live mode set up, as soon as traffic goes through those links you'll be able to track what happens to your prospects in real time.

To give you an example on how to make decisions from those stats I'm going to go ahead and show you a campaign that we ran for MarketPlan a little while back.

A little over a year ago we launched live mode into and we ran this email sequence to two particular segments within our internal list.

Let's go ahead and look at the live mode stats for this particular sequence, and we'll flip to "All Time" and we'll be able to see over here a few emails that we sent.

We had five emails in this particular email sequence and we can see that email number four had the highest amount of revenue, and email number two had the lowest amount of revenue.

Now knowing these numbers I can go ahead and look at the actual emails themselves in plan mode and see what difference actually was taking place between email four and email two.

We can also click on the stats icon on the right and see what the particular conversion rate and earnings per click is for each of these two emails, and if we look at email two we're looking at one percent and a little bit less than four dollars for the EPC.

So as you can see this is a quick and effective way for you to
measure and optimize your campaigns not only for you, but for your clients as well to see exactly the story that is going on behind your marketing plan.

With MarketPlan's Email Canvas Apps there's finally a home for your email marketing process so your team or your clients can work on your sequences in one simple place to create successful and effective email marketing campaigns.

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