Feb 6, 2024
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The SaaS Sales Funnel

This is the Saas Sales Funnel

This is a funnel we at MarketPlan have used in our own marketing and have seen great results with. It works as the sales hub for any SaaS product, that, once set up right, can bring in reoccurring revenue and leads without you having to move anything.

That being said it does take some setting up, and here we lay that out in five parts.

Part 1

Part one is the traffic sources to your site. Optimally you will get your traffic from where you position yourself in your niche within the SaaS space using your blog, SEO ranking, Facebook and Google Ads, etc. Here we've also included ProductHunt, which is a great way for SaaS and tech companies to announce their products, launches, and feature updates to the market.

Part 2

Your traffic then goes to part two: your SaaS site. In this template it is four pages all geared at education, demonstration of value, and sales. you can have more or less pages depending on your product, but the core principle is still the same. All of the pages show off different aspects of your SaaS or brand and lead ultimately to part three: your pricing page.

Part 3

Here you have all of the pricing tiers for your SaaS, and a chat widget pop up for proactive engagement and customer support to ease the buying process.

Part 4

Once a visitor makes a purchase they get taken to part four: their account confirmation, segmentation into purchased customer (whatever tier they bought at), and the sign up process. Here you also can choose to survey your new signups so you can appropriately segment them for your product onboarding.

Part 5

Part 5 is the in app follow through, where you can send new users through your onboarding sequence to continue to engage your new users, offer more value, and offer special deals or promos. Here you also tag them for more specific messaging. In this case we include the infrastructure for a new user segmentation survey, that allows you to onboard new customers whether they be free trial or direct paid signups by using tagging.

That is the basics of the SaaS funnel. If you are a SaaS company and are not using this funnel in some degree for your business, then you can use this template in your MarketPlan account today and set up the powerhouse revenue stream behind your entire operation.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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