Feb 6, 2024
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The Lead Magnet Funnel

This is the lead magnet funnel.

The purpose of this funnel is to convert cold traffic into warmer leads by opting traffic into a free value offer, in exchange for their email addresses or phone number so you can market and sell to them later

There are three key parts of a high-converting lead magnet funnel

Part 1 is the cold traffic sources.

Depending on your product or service, you can pull traffic from anywhere including social media, ads, blogs, etc. and deliver a link to your opt in page using search, embeds or paid ads depending on where you're targeting your prospects.

Part 2

Next. once they click that link, you take them to part two which is your opt in page, It needs to be seamless and low friction to reduce your bounce rate. Here they are tagged, and you segment them in your email autoresponder to market to later.

Part 3

Once they opt in you take them to part three which is the follow through, which includes the confirmation page, followed by the most valuable part of the funnel, the follow up email sequence, in which you deliver the actual lead magnet itself, followed by the real reason you collected their lead to begin with: so you can market to your prospects and deliver them more value so they can take advantage of your real products or services later on.

So that's the 3 basic parts of the lead magnet funnel, use this template in your MarketPlan account today and begin converting leads for your clients or business.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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