Feb 6, 2024
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The E Commerce Funnel

This is the E-Commerce Funnel

So many people are using this funnel right now in their businesses to sell their products online and make profits. Its got a simple setup, and a few additions people may not be using that can dramatically increase their conversion rates.

We can break it down into three parts: audience, storefront, and checkout process.

Part 1

Part one is your audience, and this is your social media engagement, promotional ad campaigns, your SEO, and adwords. these all come into play to get traffic to your storefront.

Part 2

Part two is on your site. depending on where your e-commerce site is located you can offer product chat for support to customers in the buying process, as well as give special offers like exit pops.

Part 3

Once someone decides to make a purchase, they are taken to the checkout where, if everything goes smoothly, their order confirmed and are emailed and tagged to be followed up with and retargeted with special promos and related products later on. But if they abandon their carts in this stage, here is where you can reengage them with email starting with an Oops email, which saves their cart information and then give a discount, which can massively boost your conversion rate when implemented.

That is the basics of the e-commerce funnel. Use this funnel marketing your online store today and see how effective it can be in making new customers for your business.

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