Feb 6, 2024
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Other Canvas Tools

MarketPlan's Canvas Tools allow you to fine-tune your plan's visuals, provide additional layers of effective productivity to maximize workflow, and create a professional end-experience for your clients and team.

The specifics for the Notes, Task, and Custom Media Canvas Tools are explained in detail within their own videos in this playlist, however, in this video, we will go over how Line, Sticky, and Plan Portal tools help you create optimized workflows and conducive plans.

Line Tool

Firstly, the Line Tool is a simple two point line that you can size and angle to however you need to make clear visual distinctions between different areas of your marketing plan on the canvas.

This is especially useful for larger plans.

Sticky Tool

Next is the Sticky Tool. Stickies give you a simple way to add text where ever you need right on to the canvas.

Here you can store critical notes or provide quick explanations of certain parts of your plan. You can even @ mention a team member or client from within the sticky note so that their name shows red on the sticky and that member receives a notification.

Plan Portal Tool

Lastly, is the Plan Portal Tool.

This tool lets you create a quick shortcut to any plan in any project you have access to so that you can navigate between plans with one simple click from within the canvas.

This helps significantly when working with multiple plans at once and helps give easy navigation to your team or clients reviewing multiple campaigns' metrics quickly.

With MarketPlan's Canvas Tools you are able to create a complete productivity and optimization solution to maximize the effectiveness of your or your clients campaigns.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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