Feb 6, 2024
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Keyword Planner Canvas App

The Keyword Planner Canvas App inside of MarketPlan allows you to compile and organize your keyword and phrase search data as well as budget, measure, and scale your search ads for effective search engine marketing campaigns.

Now there are 4 key components within the process of implementing keyword search strategies.

4 Key Components

1. Firstly, research and organize your keywords and search data,
2. Then with that data, develop your search advertising strategy & budget,
3. Create and manage your links,
4. And, lastly, measure each keyword's performance and optimize.

Normally this process lives separately, away from the rest of your marketing assets and can get unorganized very quickly.

But with MarketPlan's Keyword Planner App, you can compile all of your keyword research data in one place for at-a-glance reference as you work on other components of your campaigns. Additionally you can see the performance of each keyword in respect of your whole campaign, allowing you to grow and manage effective keyword search marketing strategies.

Let's go into MarketPlan and see how this works.

Getting Started

So here we are at the simple blog marketing plan where not only will we be implementing keyword strategies within our blog posts, but also implementing keyword strategies within paid search campaigns.

So let's jump into the keyword planner.

When you're brought into the keyword planner you'll see at the top the option for you to enter in your purpose.

For us it's to drive block engagement this helps your team and clients stay
focused on what's being researched and what keywords are actually being
compiled so that no vain keywords are brought into the mix.

Here on the right you have the task area to be able to delegate the components of your keyword campaign.

Here on the left we have the keyword list which allows us to organize all of our researched keywords, which brings us to the first component of keyword strategies that is the keyword research side of things.

Keyword Research

Normally this task is handled in a separate spreadsheet far away from the remainder of your marketing assets and a lot of times it's even delegated to a dedicated SEO specialist or a virtual assistant.

But with MarketPlan's Keyword Planner Canvas App, you can delegate this
task to whoever is skilled in your team or for your client to compile the
necessary keywords for your strategy.

Let's go ahead and fill in a few keywords.

With the multitude of keyword research tools out there you can simply bring the highlights of that data into MarketPlan.

Here we can enter the average monthly search volume as well as the competition for the keyword.

Let's bring in a couple more keywords.

Now with that data we can move on to the second component of keyword campaigns which is developing your advertising
strategy and budget.

Budget Creation

The keyword planner app lets you do this by allowing you to enter in the low and high bid values that your team or your client would agree on with you.

Let's enter in a few values.

Now with the budget finalized let's move on to links the third component of a keyword marketing campaign.

Link Management

For each keyword you're able to store listed links so that you would use
inside of your search ads.

To learn more how to create and manage links using the MarketPlan link tool we have a video inside of this playlist going over the process.

As you create your links you're able to set your actual expense that you'll be
setting for your budget inside of your search advertising platform such as

MarketPlan gives you the ability to set a daily, monthly or even a one-time expense for your particular marketing budget.

This allows you to get accurate ROI numbers when you're reviewing your stats and with your link created and stored inside MarketPlan, your team with one click can grab the link here for accessibility and organization.

When you're ready to launch your search ad campaigns the Keyword Planner Canvas App gives you the option to toggle whether or not this keyword is shown as live.

This gives you a simple visual indicator for your team or your clients
to know which keywords you're actively bidding for.

With your keyword search ads live let's discuss the fourth component of
implementing a keyword search strategy which is measuring each keyword's performance. and optimizing them.

Measure & Optimize

With each of those links tracked inside of live mode you can review this plan's metrics in real time and compare the flow of prospects from each keyword throughout your campaign.

Let's review a mock-up plan where we have some stats already loaded in.

When we review the keyword traffic going throughout the campaign we see that the ROI is 120 for this particular source.

If we click on the individual ad or the source we can see how that traffic relates throughout the entire funnel.

For this plan the lower price item was actually preferred by traffic however more revenue was gained by the higher price item.

At a glance you, your team, or your clients can quickly make actionable marketing decisions with this information.

If you have any questions though about implementing the Keyword Planner Canvas App inside of your marketing campaign feel free to access our tutorials or our customer success team here.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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