Feb 1, 2024

MarketPlan vs GERU: Why MarketPlan is the Best GERU Alternative

It takes a lot of planning, analysis, and continuous fine-tuning to put together a successful sales funnel that converts well and gives a positive ROI.

The first part of the process to creating a funnel that succeeds is to plan out the funnel. However, it could get quite complex as the idea on your mind might consist of a combination of marketing strategies and campaigns.

One of the best ways to organize this process is by mapping your funnels out visually on a canvas. This is where Funnel Mapping Tools come in to play. They offer a blank medium where you can sketch out all your ideas to map out your funnel and rule out any friction in the process.

While there are a few funnel mapping tools to choose from in the market, MarketPlan and GERU are two of the well known and prominent ones.

Both GERU and MarketPlan are good funnel mapping tools, but MarketPlan is designed with more than mapping in mind. MarketPlan consists of funnel mapping but also complete funnel tracking and live analytics, project management, team collaboration & chat, kanban boards, blog planner, email sequence planner, and a lot more.

So the comparison between them has to take into consideration that they are built with different scopes of purpose.

Funnel Tracking

Planning and Mapping a sales or marketing funnel is just the beginning of a complex journey. In order to make it a successful campaign, it is imperative to continuously analyze and optimize the funnel based on the numbers. This where tracking of the funnel once it is live plays a huge role.

GERU offers the ability to project map the funnels and run projections based on the numbers you enter manually, but you cannot track the funnels with the live data. MarketPlan lets you track every part of the funnel and get live campaign data that can assist you in continuous tweaking to get your desired ROI.

Live Analytics with KPI’s

You can track all the key metrics in MarketPlan, by just switching a toggle on, you can activate the live mode which gives you real-time analytics of your complete funnel.

This lets you keep a track of all your KPI’s in a single dashboard and helps immensely in optimizing your funnel. As funnel tracking is not available in GERU, you might need additional tools outside of GERU to accomplish this.

Team Collaboration with Chat

Marketing is a team effort and it needs effective collaboration of ideas and execution to get it right. In MarketPlan, you can collaborate with your marketing team members right within the tool with integrated live chat and image and video collaboration which makes it extremely useful for effective planning.

This allows you to keep everyone concentrated without the need to juggle multiple tools for planning and collaboration.

Team members can comment and see the progress in real-time to keep tabs on all the marketing activities. They can also know the tasks that are assigned to each of them and hence removes any confusion within the team.

You can use the built-in live chat either as a pop up when building the funnel map and marketing plan or use it in full screen for an uncluttered collaboration experience.

It is also possible to have complete control over what you want to share with your team members by setting up special permissions.

GERU is useful as a collaboration app as everyone can see the same canvas and understand the plan from a mapping perspective, as well as exporting reports to clients or other team members, but does not include the several MarketPlan features listed above.

White-labeling for agencies

If you run any type of marketing agency, branding is quite an important part of standing out from the competition.

GERU gives users the capability to create branded reports to share with clients or other team members.

MarketPlan allows you completely white-label the domain and have the entire platform under your brand name, logo, and colors.

It is also possible to completely customize the login page to give a full branded experience to your clients.

Blog Planner & Email Sequence Planner

In Addition to planning your ads and funnels, you can also write and plan your whole blog posts and email sequences in MarketPlan, as well as create, and even automatically associate the UTM's necessary to track your campaigns.

This is especially useful for content marketing teams and agencies as the team collaboration feature with blog planning makes it an optimized workspace to build all your content marketing ideas.

The blog editor can also hold rich images and HTML content so that you can have all your content in one place.

GERU offers representations of the different elements in your marketing campaigns, which helps with the mapping and simulation of your funnels.

Kanban Boards:

MarketPlan has a dynamic Kanban board built-in right within it.

It comes with 4 lists by default, but you can easily add more based on the number of projects you want to manage across your team. To-do cards can be added to each of the lists and be moved across the planned, in-process, completed list, etc.

To streamline the workflow even better, each team member can visualize the tasks that are specifically assigned to each of them and contextually locate their tasks inside of MarketPlan by clicking on their associated card.

GERU does not offer a Kanban feature, and would require outside software to accomplish this, as the scope of what GERU aims to accomplish is different that MarketPlan.

ChatBot Sequence & Keyword Planner Module

This is another feature of MarketPlan that is not included in GERU.

With the built-in planner for chatbot sequence and keywords, you can write your whole chatbot scripts and do all the keyword planning for your blog posts within MarketPlan.

This is useful for chatbot or content marketing agencies to have their whole team aligning the workflow in a single tool to increase productivity and efficiency.


MarketPlan’s pricing starts from $9 per month while GERU’s plans start from $37 per month. MarketPlan also offers a free plan as well.

The free plan gives access to 1 user, 1 plan, and all the marketing tools to start with funnel mapping. GERU does not include a free plan or trial option and you have to purchase a plan to start using the tool.


To wrap up, as we have explained in detail, MarketPlan offers a lot more to your business as a marketing tool compared to GERU.

The below table will give a good overview of how all the features compare between MarketPaln & GERU and it will give you a fairly good idea of which is the better option for you.

With all of the information presented on each platform, we believe that MarketPlan is the best alternative to GERU in terms of what each platform offers from mapping to team collaboration, to projections, to live analytics.

If you'd like to sign up for MarketPlan today and see how it can help you plan your sales funnels and overall marketing, click this link here and check out all that MarketPlan can offer for your agency or business.

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