Feb 6, 2024
In Depth Tutorials

Canvas Apps

The Canvas Apps in MarketPlan are made for marketers by marketers and for the tasks online agencies, businesses and teams do everyday.

Whether it is:

  • Building pages
  • Writing copy and scripts
  • Viewing and reviewing videos and images
  • Managing blogs
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Social media
  • Email sequences
  • Chat bot sequences
  • Taking notes
  • Or any other task

You can facilitate and collaborate in MarketPlan to ensure congruence in every marketing campaign you launch.

We have done in depth video tutorials of each Canvas App so that you can see just how useful and powerful it can be to live collaborate on your marketing assets and know what you need to do next and how much work is left on each piece of the campaign before you hit that live button.

Watch each Canvas App video to learn how to leverage these powerful collaborative tools in your everyday marketing.

Leaen more on Youtube here.

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