Feb 6, 2024
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Canvas Action App

MarketPlan's Action Apps allow you to visualize multiple components and actions in your plan to give the complete picture behind the flow of your marketing campaign for your team or for your clients to easily understand every step of the plan.

There are four Action Apps for you to use on the canvas in MarketPlan.


First, is the Tag Action.

The Tag Action lets you indicate where in the flow of your campaign that a prospect should have certain tags added or removed within your autoresponder or CRM.

This is a useful reminder for your team or clients on what tags are involved to maintain organization for their back-end operations.

To use this Action App, simply enter the title of the tag that should be added or removed and click on "Add Tag" or "Remove Tag" to save it in the quick-list below.

The tags that need to be added to the prospect show with a green plus and the tags needing to be removed show with a red minus symbol.

While this does not actually perform the action from within MarketPlan yet, the Tag Action does give a clear visual and understanding for your team or clients to follow.


The second Action App is the Condition Action.

The Condition Action represents a point in the campaign flow where a prospect only proceeds if a particular condition is met.

You can write that condition in the title of this Action as well as customize your own icon and color for visual appeal and coherency in your plan.

While this does not affect Live Mode analytics, it does give a clear visual representation of what is going in in the flow of the campaign.

Wait Timer

Thirdly, is the Wait Action, which allows you to visually specify a period of time that your prospect will be delayed from proceeding to the next step of the campaign.

You can choose a time from hours all the way to years as you make clear visual cues for your team or clients to understand the flow of your plan.

Custom Action

And lastly, is the Custom Action App which lets you create your own action with a custom title, icon, and color as a visual representation of your custom action in your plan flow on the canvas.

The Canvas Action Apps help give clear communication to your team on what components of your plan are taking place as well as provide simple visuals to give quick understanding to your clients as you give pitches and presentations of your marketing plan to help close client deals, maintain relationships, and speed the of productivity for your marketing agency.

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