Feb 6, 2024
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Blog Planner Canvas App

The Blog Planner Canvas App inside of MarketPlan allows you to edit, organize, launch, and scale effective blog posts and sites for you or for your clients as well as measure the performance of each post in relation to your whole marketing plan.

5 Key Components

Now there are 5 key components behind the process of managing successful blogs:

1. Firstly, write quality post copy,

2. Secondly, produce clean & optimized graphics and media assets,

3. Also, logically design, frame, and structure your blog,

4. Manage your links for page accessibility and SEO,

5. And, lastly, track conversions and live optimize your site and posts.

Normally, this process gets very chaotic and unmanageable with all of the people and tools required to build a successful blog.

But with MarketPlan's Blog Planner Canvas App, we simplify this process by letting you, your team, or your clients, manage all of these components in one organized place so that you can effectively launch and maintain a quality, high ranking blog site.

Getting Started

So here we are with a simple blog mockup funnel which basically takes traffic and subscribers and pushes them down through a simple order process to gain revenue from qualified traffic

And we have inside of this app storing all of our blog posts for our main blog site, for example over here we're going to use the MarketPlan Blog and we're going to go ahead and actually create a post within the MarketPlan blog planner so that we can see all five components of blog creation in use within MarketPlan.

Inside the blog canvas app you've got your title here on the top left which will show on the canvas, and at the top right you have the tagline for your blog and MarketPlan's tagline is equipping the digital marketer to succeed online.

The benefit of having this is that so whenever your team is collaborating and producing all the content for the blog they see at a glance what the actual purpose and intention of the blog site is so that their copy stays conducive and focused.

Down here in the post area you'll see all the posts that we have set up inside of the canvas app.

Here on the left you would enter in your post title and we have the live status indicator to show whether or not the blog post is either under production or if it's published for the public to see.

We also have the links area to store and manage all of your links that your blog post points to and we have two tools within the campus app that allow you to write the actual content of the blog post and to actually edit the post itself and see the post within MarketPlan, very much like how the page canvas app operates inside a MarketPlan.

To see how the Page Canvas App functions you can check out the video inside of this playlist.

Over here on the right we have the tasks area which allows for our entire marketing team or clients to be able to collaborate on every single component of the blog site and the post while either under production or management.

As you can see here I've already got a task assigned to me for the blog post copy.

We have a simple process over here for these to-do's where we go ahead and make a task for each of the five components behind blog management and creation.


Here at step one the copy section of blog creation you'll see that we have all the copy for a previous post done and today we have The Principles of All-Inclusive Content Marketing Strategies post for us to go ahead and write today.

With this assigned to me let's go ahead and go through the process of actually producing this blog post.

Firstly we'll go ahead and click on new post and let's go ahead and enter in our title and now we can go ahead and go to the right area so that we can focus on producing our copy.

When you go into the right area you have a clean open text editor that allows you to stay intentional and focused towards the theme of the blog and the strategy that's being implemented with that.

Here at the top you can enter in the keywords that you're targeting in the blog post.

For this post we have content marketing, content marketing strategies,
and content marketing campaign.

So now let's go down below and go ahead and produce the copy.

Now for the purposes of this video we have the content already prepared however with the MarketPlan text editor we give you a clean slate for you to go ahead and stay focused as you produce each of the components of the copy of the page.

Having a clean area like this allows your copywriters to stay dedicated on the task they actually have assigned and also gives you a place to back up all of your post content anyway that's organized and easy to access directly from within your marketing plan.

Another feature the MarketPlan text editor is that you can go ahead and set the different values for your various headlines so you can have your proper H tags already specified so that when your team does come to the collaboration side of things we can bring all the components
together in one place, which takes us to the second component behind managing successful blogs which is the graphic and media asset production.

Graphics & Media Production

As you can see within the post content that we have here we have particular parts already outlined for where graphics should be placed.

So let's say over here for the graphic that's in the article I'll make sure the graphic is very simple and pushes forward the idea, so a clean graphic like this with a bull's eye on it is a great way to convey this particular concept that we're talking about when understanding your target market with this particular blog post.

Other instructions of the like we can leave behind for the
remainder of the team as they go ahead and produce the remaining marketing assets in addition to having all the graphic notations.

Here we're able to access that same information from when we're editing the page itself so let's go ahead and jump into the edit section and fill out this area so that we can actually work on the blog post and get these graphics inserted.

Before we do that let's go ahead and mark off that we've completed the copy portion of this blog post and let's dive in the editor.

Now the blog planner canvas app editor allows you to load up your actual blog post URL directly from within MarketPlan for you to edit and work with.

Let's go ahead and grab the URL of this blog post and place it right here once we click the view button that saves and now we have the blog post available for view directly from within MarketPlan for the entire team to collaborate on.

It also gives your team and your clients a quick way to navigate through all of your post content directly from within the marketing plan, so they don't need to go all the way over to the site and
navigate through your menu hierarchy and categories.

One more benefit the editor area is that you have the ability to enter in the URL of where you actually edit the post.

Here for this blog site we have this management WordPress using Brizy as the blog builder so let's go ahead and enter in the Brizy's blog editor URL, and after clicking edit we have that saved now inside of MarketPlan and here you, your team, or your client can edit any of the components of the actual template directly from within MarketPlan without having to jump through all the hoops of getting inside your page builder to the right spot.

Now if you're not already logged into your blog CMS we give you a little login section over here in the corner where you can enter in the login URL of that so if this is your WordPress login URL this is where you would enter it.

The purpose of this is so that when you click login it opens up another tab for you to quickly log into your builder because some CMS systems actually prohibit logins from loading in within a frame like this.

Now when it comes to producing the post, we have the notes section right here which allows you to access everything we've done inside of the right area from within the edit tool.

This gives a fast and effective way for your team or clients to be able to copy and paste all the post content directly into the blog without needing to leave MarketPlan for faster productivity and more congruent marketing.

With us being inside the edit area, let's talk about the third component of blog production which is the frame and structure of the blog itself.

Design & Wireframing

MarketPlan giving your team a quick way to be able to edit directly where they're receiving tasks and to-do items gives you a completely new way to interface with your team and clients for more optimized workflows and time efficiency, allowing you and your client to review and fine-tune every single component of the blog site itself so everything is pixel perfect.

With your blog established and all of your content loaded in the post, you'll also want all of your links in order for your various blog posts.

The MarketPlan Blog Planner Canvas App makes that easy by having the links tool available directly from within the editor and also from the main blog planning area.

So you can see by the example here we have referral links that are inside of our blog post that we have UTM's already assigned to for not only tracking, but also in an easy-to-access place so your team can grab the right
link quickly to minimize mistakes and improve workflow.

And with those links let's go ahead and talk about the fifth component of managing successful blogs which is the tracking and optimization side of things.

Tracking & Optimization

You want to make sure that you have each of your posts set up for tracking so you can measure the performance of each of them in context to your entire marketing plan.

In this example we have these posts hooked up for storage of all of our content, however in the first step of the funnel we actually have our main blog page set here within a Page Canvas App.

This allows us to track not only just the blog home page but every single post page that's underneath it as one step of the funnel.

This is actually a feature to MarketPlan's live mode tracking which is the ability to track dynamic URL's.

In simple terms we have over here as the URL that's placed inside of this field.

Market plan is going to track every single page that has at least on this page for this funnel whenever you're running MarketPlan's live map tracking.

So if someone goes ahead and visits this particular page, The Principles of All Inclusive Content Marketing, as long as I don't have another page module inside of this plan using this exact URL, then any traffic that's going to that post is going to track underneath.

This step this allows you to track the performance of your entire blog site and see actionable metrics directly from within MarketPlan so that when you flip to live mode you'll see the cumulative number of the traffic that hits the entire blog site as they go through each and every single step of your funnel, allowing you or your client to have an easier understanding of how your blog traffic actually affects your entire campaign.

For more questions about the tech behind the live mode tracking we have dedicated live mode tutorials in this playlist or you can reach out over here to the help section to contact tutorials or our team to help you out through every step of the way.

As a whole the MarketPlan Blog Planner Canvas App gives you an effective way to consolidate the blog management process for your team or your clients to work on together to be able to produce a successful blog.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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