Feb 6, 2024
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The Launch Funnel

This is the launch funnel

This funnel is used to build anticipation with your audience to a new product launch so you can sell a new high ticket item when they are the most informed and ready to spend more money on something truly exciting and valuable.

If you are looking to a sell product as part of an ongoing campaign check out our four part video series funnel template which is very similar to the launch funnel, but designed for products that aren't launching for the first time.

It has five parts, four of which are videos connected to an in depth email campaign, and part five is the confirmation and follow up.

Part 1

Part one of the sequence is the warm up and problem reveal sales video where you introduce the main issue your product solves, and why the situation needs fixing.

Part 2

Part two is the solution deficit, where now even though they know the problem a clear solution is not presented, in order to allow the value of such a solution to become known.

Part 3

Part three is the beginning of the good news, where you tell them fortunately there is a solution available, and you link them to the third sales video.

Part 4

Part four is the final video in the sequence, which doubles as the order page with a countdown timer that communicates finality to your audience. At this stage, you also retarget with email to drive more value, give final timer warnings, and recapture the attention of possible drop offs.

Part 5

Those who order are taken to part five: the order confirmation and thank you. Make sure you tag your customers here so you know exactly how to communicate with them in the future.

That is the launch funnel. Use this funnel in your MarketPlan account and start building up the anticipation to your next big ticket sale today.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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