Feb 6, 2024
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The Webinar Funnel With Replay

This is the webinar funnel with a replay.

While both this funnel and the standard webinar funnel aim to sell access to high quality webinar content, and top of the line products on the back end, this funnel is more specifically geared towards longer term offers while the webinar funnel with no replay demands live interaction with the audience to be fully effective.

It has 5 parts.

Part 1

In part one, you direct qualified traffic to your webinar registration page where you convince them to buy access to your webinar, and then confirm their decision with a confirmation page that reinforces the time of the webinar. In part 1 it is important to use qualified traffic because if your audience doesn't know who you are or trust what you have to say, they have no reason to buy your webinar.

Part 2

Part 2 is a series of reminders and confirmations helping them join the webinar on time which lead to your live event itself where you share all the great content you have about your product or service along with the link to get access to the offer you're presenting. If they don't come to the webinar or they want to watch it again, no worries.

Part 3

Everyone who doesn't take the direct sales path goes onto part 3: the webinar replay sequence and replay room.

Part 4

From the webinar and the replay, all of the traffic goes to part 4, your sales email sequence and order page, where you can add some extra incentives to purchase and utilize timed offers etc.

Part 5

Once they buy they go to part 5 where their order is confirmed, they are tagged for future marketing, and they are followed up with via email to make sure they are satisfied.

Those are the 5 parts of the webinar replay funnel. If you want to convert your warmer audiences into high-ticket customers for your premium products, start by using this template in your MarketPlan account today.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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