Feb 6, 2024
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The Booking Funnel

This is the booking funnel

Anyone running a consulting or coaching service, or even businesses that use appointments like contractors or brick and mortar businesses can use this funnel to give their client and lead acquisition process a major upgrade.

It has 3 parts:

Part 1

Part 1 is the traffic sources. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook as well as blogging and SEO to gain awareness and capture the attention of your traffic to take them to part 2: your consultation landing page and booking calendar.

Part 2

Here you sell them on your services and demonstrate the value you can bring your potential clients, and then direct them to the main CTA to book an appointment for either a free consultation, quote or sales meeting with you. Be sure to include testimonials on your landing page as a proof of your work.

Once they take the action from the CTA, they go to the most important part of the funnel: your appointment booker, where your visitors sign up for an appointment with you using either Calendly, Book Like a Boss, or even a WordPress plugin.

Part 3

Part 3 is the thank you and booking confirmation where your new lead is tagged and segmented into your email sequence directing them to their next steps, including reminders of their appointment time, even up to a few minutes beforehand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

That is the booking funnel. Use the template in your MarketPlan account today and gather leads and clients for your business and services.

Learn more on Youtube here.

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