Feb 6, 2024
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Social Plan Canvas App

The Social Plan Canvas App inside of MarketPlan allows you to bring all of your social media pages into one simple area that you can create and assign to-do's with each to collaborate with your team.

Now there are 4 key components of what goes into effective social media campaigns.

5 Key Components

1. Firstly, a well-thought out content strategy.
2. Secondly, producing quality content for that strategy.
3. Creating and managing your links,
4. And, lastly, tracking and optimizing your posts.

Normally, it can be a hassle to keep up with all of your social media channels for your team or clients where consistency is critical.

But with MarketPlan's Social Plan App, you have a simple way to view and collaborate on each of your social media pages and have a place to keep each of your team members or clients accountable to maintain effective social media marketing content strategies.

Let's hop inside of MarketPlan and see how this works.

Getting Started

In this mock-up plan we are leveraging various social media channels to be able to promote webinar content that turns into blog posts which qualify traffic for our sales funnel on the back end.

Let's go over our social plan here inside the Social Plan Canvas App
we're able to bring all of our various channels to one place for your team or clients to work on.

Here we can begin with the first component of social media campaigns which is the content strategy.

Content Strategy

Here at the top right we can enter our growth goal which is to engage our prospects with video content.

With this goal in place the entire team is able to stay focused on this objective when managing social media content.

Down below we have a mini canvas for you to plot out all of your various channels.

Let's go ahead and add one more.

With this other block we're able to specify a social media channel that may not be already listed here on the left such as Reddit.

Each of these social blocks give you a quick way to link over to your
social page.

You can specify that page URL right here.

This gives your team or clients a quick way to navigate to each of your social media pages to be able to collaborate and produce content, which brings us to the second component of effective social media campaigns:
quality content production.

Content Production

With the task area here on the right you're able to create tasks and delegate each of the components of your content creation for each individual social block, giving you an effective way to organize the implementation of your marketing content strategy, and you can have the right team member doing the right task to produce your content.

Once that content is created it's important to leverage the third component of social media campaigns which is to create and
manage your links.

Link Management

When you hover over a social block you'll see the links option here at the top.

Upon clicking, you have the ability to create all your various UTM's for that particular social page.

As you can see in this example, we have a link to each of the webinars that we produce inside of the Facebook group, giving a quick way for the team to be able to access these links in an organized manner.

For more details on how to create and manage links we have a dedicated video inside this playlist.

With your links grid we can focus on the fourth component of effective social media campaigns which is measuring the performance of your various posts and optimizing them.

Measure & Optimize

When you have your links set up, whichever links point to particular
pages inside of your marketing plan you'll be able to review the performance of each of those links so that you can see what converts and what doesn't in either your content or your copy.

Here's an example campaign where we already have some stats tracked.

When you flip over to live mode and view your metrics you're able to see the traffic from each of the links from your social plan as well as your other links to be able to quickly compare the performance and optimize your marketing strategy from key metrics such as ROI and more.

The MarketPlan Soical Plan Canvas App allows you to keep your team and your clients accountable and on the same page for effective social media management and engagement.

If you have any questions at all in leveraging these tools inside of your MarketPlan account, check out our help menu in the bottom right where you can view more tutorials or contact our team.

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