Feb 6, 2024

MarketPlan vs. Funnelytics: Why MarketPlan is the Best Funnelytics Alternative

With information easily accessible and marketing secrets thrown around, it’s essential that you come up with ways to incorporate marketing strategies together, to create campaigns that thrive.

The goal should be to promote and widen your business reach, using a combination of tactics and strategies that may otherwise have been at odds in the past.

Innovation and creativity, however, means a plethora of ideas and concepts that may be difficult to keep up with. You’ll want to stay on top of everything, especially since the next big idea is just waiting to happen.

You’ll want to keep careful track of your notes and "AHA" moments, and a simple notebook simply falls short.

A much better choice than pen and paper is software tools designed to map out your marketing plan and strategies, sales funnels and track it once the campaign is live.

MarketPlan (Left) and Funnelytics (Right)

Two of the best choices for such a platform are MarketPlan (pictured left) and Funnelytics (right), but the question stands: which is the right one for you?

Let’s figure that out right now, the features both tools offer, and which brings the most value for your specific needs.

A Closer Look: The common features

To create coherent business decisions and marketing strategies that will work to your advantage, it helps to use visuals—this is exactly what both MarketPlan and Funnelytics do.

It provides a virtual workplace that works for you, a place where you can place and organize every bit of information you come up with to build your marketing strategies and sales funnels.

Here are the common features offered in both MarketPlan and Funnelytics.

  • Funnel & Marketing Strategy Mapping: Both MarketPlan and Funneltyics have a very good canvas that lets you map out your marketing & sales funnels. There are a lot of traffic sources and page types to choose from in both the tools.
  • Run projections on Conversions and Revenue: Even before the campaign is live, you can run a complete simulation of projected revenue based on your expected conversion rate in each stage of the funnel. This is a really important feature for agencies where they can show the projected ROI they can achieve in a campaign visually.
MarketPlan and Funnelytics Projections
  • Live Tracking of Leads, Customers and Revenue: Once the campaign is live, you will be able to track the leads, customers and revenue your campaign brings in. This can be matched and compared with projected revenue to keep everything running seamlessly and to constantly improve your offer & the funnel for better results.

The additional features & advantages in MarketPlan over Funnelytics

Apart from the core Funnel Mapping and Tracking features, MarketPlan offers a lot more to a marketing team or agency that helps them plan and track their efforts more effectively.

Some of the features available only in MarketPlan among all the funnel mapping tools include,

  • Team Collaboration: MarketPlan is a hub for your entire team to chat, assign tasks, make comments on work, and see progress in real time, and is geared towards effective communication throughout your whole team.
  • Image and Video Collaboration: Inside of MarketPlan you can create and resolve comments directly on images and videos which gives an unprecedented level of oversight on your marketing media assets.
  • Kanban: MarketPlan gives you an organized Kanban to keep all of your tasks in order. There is also a Gantt chart view to see dynamic timelines for projects with deadlines you want to keep track of.
  • Email Sequence Builder: You can build all your email sequences and drip campaigns right within MarketPlan. It is also possible to track all the links in the emails and set all the links when you are writing the email sequence, even with the applicable UTM parameters. It is a very useful feature for pro level email marketers as you can write and track all your email campaigns within the same tool.
  • Team Chat: In MarketPlan you can have a live chat with all your team members in the dashboard without ever leaving the tool. It can be either one to one chat or a group chat depending on the team members working on a specific project. This makes collaboration super-effective as you can completely avoid the time lost in back & forth emails and also not to switch between apps for live chat.
  • Notes: MarketPlan lets you add notes & sticky notes in the canvas and add a mention to one or more of your team members to draw their attention to a particular task or correction to be made in the funnel map. This is a feature that looks to be minor, but saves a ton of time to accomplish a quick edit that has to be done by a teammate. The task module is similar to notes, but focuses on a single task that has to be done for the seamless flow of the funnel rather than a list of notes. It also helps to document important points in each step of the funnel which otherwise would have been lost. It is the attention to such minor details that sets MarketPlan apart from other similar tools.
  • Blog Planner: If you are a content marketing team or an agency, you can draft all the content for your blogs within MarketPlan. Similar to the content for email sequences, you can also track the blog links with UTM parameters. With the Keyword Planner module, you can also keep all your keyword research tasks in MarketPlan.


Plans for Funnel Mapping and Projections start at $9 per month in Marketplan, whereas it costs $49 per month in Funnelytics.

When it comes to plans with Live Tracking, MarketPlan starts at $29 per month. However, Funnelytics doesn't come with a monthly plan for Live Tracking.

The only way to perform Live Tracking with Funnelytics is pay annually upfront that starts from $790 per year.


While both MarketPlan and Funnelytics are tools that help marketers in better planning and tracking of their Marketing Campaigns, MarketPlan is different in what it offers.

While Funnelytics is exclusively a Funnel Mapping & Tracking tool, MarketPlan offers a lot more in Project Management, Team Collaboration & Communication, and in overall planning of your marketing with modules like Email Sequence Planner, Keyword Planner, Blog Sequence Module, etc.

Also, features like live chat with team members within the app, Sticky Notes, and the Kanban puts MarketPlan in a different space altogether than Funnelytics.

While they may both be used to accomplish similar goals of mapping and tracking campaigns, MarketPlan isn't only a funnel mapping tool. It is geared towards centralizing teams around a workspace that gives teams a space to actively run entire campaigns without leaving a single app.

If you think that MarketPlan has something to offer you more than Funnelytics, you can sign up here for a free account today and access some of the features here for no cost to you.

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