Campaign Mapping  , Simulation  , Collaboration  , Smart Analytics  , all in one place.

Campaign Mapping

It's eye opening: According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing, 54% of marketers find it difficult to communicate their value, effectively, often leading to undervaluation. Luckily, MarketPlan ensures you'll never face that again. MarketPlan's Canvas is easy and intuitive, removing the complexity o showcasing value to clients.

Campaign Simulation

Plan smarter to steer clear of setbacks and optimize your budget allocation. Our virtual simulation tool empowers you to compare scenarios and predict funnel profitability. That way, you’ll know what metrics are needed for on target financial results. With Market Plan, you’ll protect your bottom line, and launch your campaign with confidence.

Presentation & Collaboration

Showcase your ideas and campaign plan to both clients and team collaborators easily with "Live Sharing". MarketPlan streamlines the process of creating and executing marketing campaigns by ensuring everyone is on the same page. It's a game change for your team's efficiency while providing impressive client interactions.

Smart Analytics

Authentic and reliable data is fundamental for making informed decisions. (smart decisions). With Market Plan, you can trust the quality and integrity of your data to discover how users reach your site through various paid and organic sources. We filter out fake data points to ensure you're targeting the right audience and optimizing your campaign strategies to get the best return on your investment

Bring more expertise to your work with MarketPlan solutions.

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Campaign Mapping

Alignment equals success. Use MarketPlan's campaign mapping tool to synchronize teams and bring campaigns to life. Strategize task organization, deadlines, and resource allocation with ease.

Plan + Create + Deploy

MarketPlan puts every marketing tool at your disposal whether you're a solo marketer or part of a team.

Individuals achieve more using a comprehensive and user-friendly suite of tools. For agencies, collaborative features catering to team dynamics will ensure efficient and seamless campaign launches.

Ready to use and customizable templates

Centralize and safeguard funnel templates efficiently. Access designs effortlessly. Don't delay access and protection for campaign strategies. Build and entrust your secure funnel blueprints within our platform to kick start campaigns with speed and simplicity.

Connect  Real Web Pages to get real results

Monitor and analyze live funnel activity to identify strengths and weaknesses in customer journey design. MarketPlan's automated data importation visualizes complex activities, aiding quick issue detection and cost-effective real-time adjustments.

Be prepared before launching a campaign

Campaign Simulation

MarketPlan offers a cost-effective alternative to major investments in forecasting technology, delivering comparable results.

Compare planned and live statistics

Join the ranks of industry leaders without breaking the Bank. Use MarketPlan's "Planning Mode" to unlock the power of analytics.

Modern data analytics for today's marketing challenges

MarketPlan uses data analytics best practices to eliminate fake data points, like bots, to enable informed decision making.

A collaborative space for you, your team & clients

Present, Share & Collaborate

Stop juggling multiple apps or software platforms to collaborate. Efficiently coordinate task progression visually on one platform, ensuring team alignment and accountability. Supplementing collaboration, MarketPlan provides a birds-eye-view of campaign strategies and instant updates with permission based access for clients.

Customizable template library

Use MarketPlan's collection of pre-designed layouts as a foundation for your personalized marketing campaigns.

Real data to achieve better business decisions

Smart Analytics

Unlock powerful insights with MarketPlan's smart analytics features. Maximize campaign performance, understand customer behavior, and eliminate fake data. Elevate your marketing strategy with comprehensive analytics tailored for your success.

Customize reports to your needs

MarketPlan's customizable reporting tools empower marketers with actionable data that can be communicated to stakeholders with ease.

Who is MarketPlan suitable for?


Marketing Teams

Streamline the process of managing, creating, and optimizing market funnels with an aligned team.

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Marketing Agencies

Create high performance funnel blueprints to provide insights and analytics crucial for refining strategies and achieving the best results.

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Visualize the customer journey and improve lead generation. Design, track, and analyze effectiveness of various stages within the sales conversion process. With MarketPlan, it's easier and more efficient than ever.

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Integrated  funnel builder ConvertPages

Funnel building with ease

MarketPlan takes the pain out of pre-planning the customer journey. Build your funnels easily and efficiently with intuitive and reliable funnel building software.

Customizable template library

Utilize MarketPlan's collection of pre-designed layouts as a foundation for your marketing campaigns.

Integrations for more effective work

Bring even more effective work, keep your team informed, update your users. Integrations give MarketPlan its superpowers.